Saturday, April 23, 2011

Malibu Hiking!

So the Other day me and my parents went for a hike, I was kinda tricked into it, my mom said it was 30 minute hike, it turned into like an hour and a half, but seriously it was intense and it was nice, i was literally dripping sweat. lol well i took Lola poor thing was dying! it was in Malibu and it was fun! Well i think its considered malibu! well i liked it and i will be doing it again! and more often, here are some pics from the top, in the middle, where the mountains meet, is the road where we are parked. and the last pic is Lola all tired lol I think I was more tired though lol

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Babaloo's Bday!

So January 25th was my little babaloos Bday! it was great had family over it was too much fun! we had a little party for her everyone came, and before we started it up, me and her took some modeling shots lol, she loves to pose for pics like me! loovoesss it!!!!!

Striking a pose!

Trying to steal money from my pocket!!! sneaky little one!!!

Oh me? just posing! =] besitsos!

Driving my Benz! 

Gogo Decided to show up... blah

hitting the pinata! haha too cute!!!!

My uncle brought his accordion and sand the Mananitas, and Lilah and my Dad where dancing!!!! lol i love it

Me getting blindfolded to hit the pinata! im a kid inside =]

Me and Lilah Pinata time bitches!!!!!

Lilah and Her mama!

Got Herself some CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shes so cute!

Her Cake with "Maaanyyyyyyy (money)" on it

Lighting the candles! 

Wakey Wakey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom and her BFF taking a shot!

Lilah and Ernie Playing Karaoke!