Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun in the Sun

So a couple of weeks ago we went deep into the middle of nowhere ojai! lol and we went to this water thing, not sure what to call it, Mini lake? whatever. but we went and we bbqed and had burgers and had some fun in the water! i got SOOO dark! lol i just relized there like NO pics of me! we went with my sister brother lilah devin and the Marin fam! we has a few drinks and it was a real good time! if you are ever in the area! check it out... idk what its called, so ask around lol muah

All cool in her cute hat

i loved this view

very nice to look at

This is the Rock they where jumping off of!!

all chillaxin lol

hes all happy

i love this little face hes making here

she said she was swimming! lol

always tryina eat something!!!


there was a turtle across the lake

her Papa gave her a ride on his back

Angel helping her out of the water

i was the nanny! he fell asleep on my chichis

Ricaks jumping

she was all scared at 1st then she got all into it

I think she was a little scared here lol

Angel and Ricardo all the way in the top

Angel the tour guide

Ricardo Mid air


Friday, May 18, 2012

Beach and Park FUN

Last week was my day off, I worked saturday, had Tuesday off, I went to the beach and the park with Delilah, we fed the ducks (mostly scavanging seagulls) and we had a picknic! we then headed to the beach to play in the sun and get some rays! it was a blast!!!!

Posing with the Duckies lol 

Cutie little smiles

Trying to catch a duck lol

She found a feather!

just being natural lol barefoot

Chilling with the Ducks 

dance and eat cheese

So gorgeous!

Playing in the sand

Cool girl

Sand Castle

Demolishing the sand castle

Some seagull

Little Smiles

Cutest little patitas

LOVE this pic!