Sunday, January 31, 2010

Delilah's 1st Bday @ Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Yall! first of all let me say Happy New year, I think my last blog was last year lol. well, now that we go that out of the way... here we go. so Jan 25th, 2010 was the celebration of the day the cutest baby ever was born, my little Delilah, my niece, well how else do we celebrate, than the happiest place on earth!!!! Im such a kid at heart, I took pics with all the characters too haha. here are some of the pics we took. and i know u dont have to tell me how cute i look! right??

So, here i am with Ariel...the mermaid lol. she told us shes never swam through camarillo lol, too cute...

Here i am with Jazmine, she looked really pretty! she didnt talk with an accent

Here me with Mickey Mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres me, my sister, mom, and Delilah with Minnie, oh hell no i shoulda cropped that little white girl out!!!! nosetta

Me and Goofy, idk whos goofier me or him??? lol

This one is before we left i sat her on my shoulders for some last minute memories!

Here is me and Belle, im the beauty, not the beast. haha

The Mad hatter (im sure i spelled that wrong, and i dont feel like googling the correct spelling) and Alice, the hatter said he liked my hat lol. his nose looked scary lol

Me, Maribel, and Delilah went on the Dumbo ride! it went really high!!! and you can take ur baby on there! so cute

Here me and D, she has her princess crown! i shoulda got a matching one lol

This is when we got there, looking at the wrong camera except me! oh and the man that took our pic, said he liked my shoes lol

Delilah lookes super cute in this one
ya ya, well thanks for stopping by just had to share these super cute pics with yall! njoy, and remember to check out my youtube and twitter me