Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter 2012

Totally late, but here are some pics from easter! ate a lot, played basketball, hunted for eggs, made baskets for the kids, gogo made lilah cry. devin was all happy! lol we did dance crew later on. it was very fiun and the food was

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Bday 2012

Hi BooBoos, it was my bday Last weekish... the 29th of March, I had an amazing bday!!!! at work they decorated my desk, RHONJ/ Bad girls club! it was soooo cool! they got me red velvet cupcakes,  yum!!! and i went to dinner with my friends we went to el torito, it was such a good time too! and finallly my mom on Sunday made me goooood ass posole!!! and they got me cake I a good Bday! and for those who have Iphones Voxer, , I love aubrey oday and teresa for RHONJ, well he was doing their make up and got em to voxer me happy bday messages! i died!!! loves! here are some of the pics!! muah

Co-worker brought me Starbucks and Moscato =]


Red velvet cupcakes! =]]]]]

hi boo

My sister and her husband got me a kindle and precios lol
After vanessa gave me my Bday moscato! Yanelle forced cupcake into my mouth

Delilah decided she wanted to smash my face into the cake lol

Here she is, smashing cupcake in my face lol

me with the ladies at the bar! MOJITOSSSSS

Nina ate my tie haha

you know i had to accesorize!!!


so cuteeeee



Mad and Sad

Besito 1

Besito 2


my goofisita and me puckering

Devin and Ricrdo

Sometimes she abuses me... lol


Funny faces

Devin and Maribel

Lala Laughing lol

Ricackie Pants

I think she started to cry cus we didnt want her in the pic with a margarita, we eventually had to allow it lol

Yuummmm Lala

me and Sanner, and here is the marg pic lo after she cried


blowing out my candles

Delilahs Idea to have rainbow cupcakes lol

J.Zam got me some shots! smooth

IDK what this pajaro is doing


Devin Loved the bird!!!!

he wasn't too fond of me lol

He cried with Lala, but not at all with Vero lol I still think Lala was pinching him

my mom made me flan SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good

Apparently my dad doesnt know how to spell my name lol! it was gooood though

Photography by Lilah lol