Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dehydrated Foods

So I bought myself a good dehydrator a few weeks ago, it came and I made all these fruits and some meat to make Jerky I made it with some recipes I found online, I'm gonna try a bunch of stuff, but this was my 1st try and I think it came out very well!! my next task is going to be leaner softer meat, different marinades, and i bough peaches and mangos! yum!!

This is the meat, I made a marinade using soy sauce and brown sugar, and I'm so dumb i read the recipe wrong, it said it would take 5-7 hours to be ready, and I though it said 5-7 days! haha imagine!!! but I caught my mistake, and it came out pretty good!!

The Bananas where ripe and super tasty, only thing is i cut them too thin, i just have to make them thicker next time, but htey were really good

I bought fresh grapes seedless green and red grapes. the green ones where bigger. the Red where sweeter!

I though I'd add strawberries, i like how they taste in cereal when they are dehydrated.

Here is all the fruit and meat, at the bottom, the 1st hour I put them in.

this is the finished meat, it was good, but I need to get a leaner cut, cus this one was a bit hard to chew, but it was very tasty!

Here is the Red Grapes, and the bananas and strawberries. the green grapes are bigger so they took longer, theres a few mixed in the batch here too!

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