Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dulce's B-Day Fun

Hello all! so yesterday we celebrated Candy's B-day! we all went to dinner, and a a few of us went bowling after, so dinner was at Cheesecake Factory, in Glendale, their drinks are so good! I had a blueberry Mojito, and a Pomegranate Mojito. (I love mojitossss) and i Had the roasted lemon chicken for dinner! it was all sooo good! dinner was great. We then went for some fun bowling. we had a few more drinks and bowled the night away! always love spending time with these people, hope we can all do it again! muah enjoy the pixx.

The 1st pic i tried to take, my lense was all dirty haha

she had two cakes!! one was colorfull polka dots, and one was hello kitty!

The candles melted so damn fast lol

she got a pinata full of candy!!!

My sister and her hubby

My roasted lemon chicken yummmmm

my Blueberry Mojito! so gooooddd!

a candle on the table lol

look at the candles lol

the lemon on my mojito haha idk why i put this up

telling her where to look lol

maribel and ricacs at the bowling alley

Maribel bout to bowl

4. Wicked (i think) lol
5. Selmie805

Side View haha

And Finally the pic lol

Candy and the Crazy 88 from Kill Bill

look at the girl in the back hahahhahaha


Me getting the ball, I major suck at bowling!!

Flippin the bird!

Ai Pero Papi (inside joke)

que cute

PS, this is MY dress lol

Candy and Jesse

It was Jesses turn, we used this pic as a distraction to bowl for himl lol

She fell asleep!!!!!

So i bought a Tokyo Tea, so what who cares?

Jesses shot, that I took, cus he bowled 4 strikes!



  1. looks like a fun night :) oh and i love coronas but nothing for me since im preggo<3
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  2. Aww, How Fun!!! I'm Jealous.. Or how you say, "Yelless!" LOL