Monday, August 16, 2010

Lady Gaga Vegas!

Hello my lovely followers!!! the 4 of u haha! well this past weekend I went to Las vegas to see Lady Gaga,went with my cousin Andrea, my sister Maribel, and my brother in law Ricardo. our friend Lilly also went with us, we left on thursday and came back Sunday! Well the concert was freaking amazing, and we had like the best spot, like we where pratically on stage haha! I got to take my camera in. I was going to take my small regular camera, which fits in my pocket, doesn't take the best pics, but i lost my charger to it, i ended up taking my good camera, that takes good ass pics! i also forgot the charger lol but it was fully charged, i got very good pics! i added most of em on here! and i got 2 good videos with it too! i got one of speechless, and one of telephone! the one of telephone I uploaded, and the Speechless one is way too long =[ so it wont upload! because she would talk in bettween. when my camera died. she sang bad romance, i video taped it on my phone, so its not all that... but hopefully you enjoy it! it was an amazing experience... oh and i almost fought some black girl lol =]!

Me and Andrea!!!

Me and Lilly, we snuck to the room real quick to drizinkkkk haha


Her Yellow hair lol

I swear I took like 20 pics of her booty hahaha

I think this one is one of my 2 faves!!!!!

Stop callin stop callin, i dont wanna think anymore!!!

look at her feeling him up hahaha loves it!!!

Coming out of the subway!

Maribel, Ricardo, and I

I was in Love with the one on the farrr right!!!

Love the X on her nipps hahah

She looks cute here

Booty Shortssss

Crazy Crazy outfit!

Gaga is hiding under this massive weave haha

She looks like a Gypsy

Dancing in the dark!

Her monster

Being carried alive

this is my other fav! =]

Bloody Tits!

Close up of her ass!


Fuck the fountain of youth, its all about the fountain of Blood!

Bad Romance


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