Friday, October 8, 2010

My Snooki Dress

Hey there fools, and foolias!! SO, every Halloween I make my own costumes, well not make them but ill go to thrift stores and stuff, I never really go and buy one at the Halloween store. Well this year after a few people suggested, I will be Snooki, form Jersey Shore, and well I wanted to put some work into my costume. I have a dress I got about a year ago, for a friends Drag themed Bday party. I like the dress because its fun and loose, it hides my "curves" lol but Ive had it for a long time, and didn't want to use it as my Snooki dress, so i decided to make one, just like it. but in black. I went to the fabric store and got a yard and a half of this material, it was 95% poly, and 5% cotton. It was a perfect match! I took a few sewing and pattern making classes a few years back, Ive never made anything this complicated. I made myself some shorts back when i was in class, and I made Delilah a dress, from a pattern i bought at a yard sale, it was small and cute, and the material was easy to use. This material was kinda hard because I had to use elastic. and it was slippery and stretchy. Well the dress came out well! I am happy with what I made. I still need to touch it up by hand, but I cant wait to wear it on Halloween! I will make sure to post pics on here all dressed up like my girl snooks, I even got a new wig! I had about 1/2 a yard left, I am going to make Delilah a dress with it! oh question.! and please help! IDK if  I should wear heels, boots, or bunny slippers. lol I know that the slippers will SOO be Sknooki, but I know I will not be wanting to wear them the whole time! 

This is the Original, its tight at the boobs, loose at the stomach lol. and tight at the booty hehe
Here is me wearing it, I don't like how I look but could find another pic lol
Here is my little set up. ready to go!
So this was very time consuming, because there was a lot of this in the dress lol
This is the bottom after i had sowed it. 
this is the front top, the boobie area

This is when I had put it all together, just needed to sew it on the side, to make it whole!
here it is after I was ALL done!! so proud of me! 

The Back
The Front
Sitting down, view from the top! lol
This is the dress I had made Deliah.

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  1. I'm about to start sewing classes, I'm so excited wanna design and make a lot of dresses, love the one that you did in black.. so i thing you should wear high heel shoes.