Monday, October 4, 2010

The Start Of My Modeling Career!

So, This weekend I went for a little shopping, I went to get some jeans at Forever 21 (Heritage male section) I love their clothes! Any hoo.... I went with my cousin and her hubby, my brother and his GF, her name is Sarah, well we took my camera, and got silly! lol um also, this is too funny, i put on a ring, and told Sarah, "Oh i feel like Lauren Conrad when I wear this" lol, so, she says "Whos that" and she wasn't joking! lol I had to explain who she was lol! well I think im a natural model hahha! oh and before I left to the Camarillo outlets, I ran into Dulce next door, she looks so cute preggs! check out her pic too! muah Njoy 

Do you think the flower in my hair suites me??? lol
Rosie's new outfit??
I'm to sexy for this jacket...
The Over the shoulder look lol
The Capitain!!! rawwr
Hello PapiS!!!!
Look, don't touch!!!
Smile with your eyes!
Had to share how cute Dulce Looks pregnant! muah! i saw her right before I left shopping  =]


  1. haha youre too funny! i'll be back to read more and yay dulce! shes cute all the time ;)

  2. you´re a funny guy :-) i follow you now, really like your blog

  3. that dress that you pick up is fabulous