Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's in my DVR??

Ok. So if you guys follow me on Twitter (@Selmie805) you know that I love my TV haha, and love them funny shows.. So a while ago, i started watching Parks and Recreation, because I think Amy Poehler is so damn funny!!  so since I liked that show, I found out that it was by the same people who did the Office, what do I do? I Netflix everything since season 1 haha. and its bad ass! Well my newest show is Modern Family! OMG I Love this show!!!!!!!!!! it is just tooo damn funny! (BTW all 3 shows are in the same format, the "documentary" type. aka "Mockumentary" NE ways I love Sofia Vergara! she cracks me the Eff up! well just had to throw my 2 cents. I also love Desparate Housewives, Im Gabby lol jk. I Love Real Housewives of New Jersey and Atlanta! and im starting to watch the Beverly Hills one, so far so good! well hope u enjoy this Blizog on my fav shows. x0x0 gossip girl! haha oh ya thats one of my fav shows too. and the new 90210.. yea my DVR is FULL!!! and SNL is too much fun not to watch! ok bye!

Oh shit girl..... I totally forgot the best show on TV right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soy Tu Duena! haha its a Telenovela, I'm so obsessed with it, that I watch the episodes on youtube (the novela is aired a few weeks early in Mexico) just to see what is going to happen! lol yall should watch it! I LOVE Ivana!!

This is Ivana Dorantes Rangel, played by Gabriela Spanic. I loved her on La Usurpadora, and I love her even more on here! Yum 

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