Friday, November 5, 2010

Cookies, Wine, and My Behind

Hey guys! Well I just wanted to add a few of my favorite wines. I also made some homme made cookies, and my home made starbucks lol!

So the Moscato D'Asti is my fav wine! I tried it 1st at Olive Garden (their bottle is 25 bux, and u can't buy it individually, only with dinner) but I found it at a wine store in Camarillo. The Lady recommended the Stella Rose, it actually was a good red wine, but i still like the MD better. u guys should try it. I hear you can find it at some Ralphs.

So i really love peanut butter cookies! I always make them from scratch! BUT this time i made em from the box! (well a bag) I got the bag at Walmart, for like 1.70$ they where actually really really good! but the ones u make from scratch will always taste better! =]

Hey so if you don't have much money, and your broke. lol save your starbux cup and improvise! u can make some ice tea at ur home, and ad like a drop of red food coloring lol. what i did, was but a popcicle in my water to make it colored as it melts, and it keeps it cold! haha im a nerd. 

and of course I had to throw in a cute pic of my babaloo lol wearing her dads shoes "shoes shoes" lol

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