Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Babalooing it lol

SO I KNOW I HAVEN'T POSTED IN A WHILE HEHE. BUT HERE ARE A FEW PICS OF ME AND THE LITTLE BABABLOO... i was trying out a new camera i got, it has an additional screen in the front. i loves it!!!
I will start adding more blogs muah

Blowing Kisses =]

Bath bath

She would close her eyes all cute lol

She was starring at herself lol

Loves her

My favorite!!

IDK why, but she was throwing herself lol

Crazy Bangs lol


  1. Awww How cute! What camera did you get?

  2. @steph.miranda, i got the one in the Alicia Keys commercial lol its a samsung one.. Samsung DualView i think its called