Friday, February 18, 2011

Lifes a Beach.. and a Park

So today since it was nice and didn't rain, me and my sister Rosalinda decided to take Delilah to the park, the park is walking distance from the beach so we went there too, it was so nice and sunny, at the park we fed the ducks at the pond, and we played on the slides and swings,  I got all brave and went on this spinning thing it left me with a massive heachache lol, well after we then walked to the beach, just walked around and chased the birds haha, vidoes at the bottom.  hope u guys enjoy lol muah

Rosalinda and Delilah

She looks SOO happy to pose with me haha

Feeding the duckies pop corn! =]

Angry Birds lol

I live

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  1. Very cute!! Delilah is too adorable. Stop by my blog