Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun Times with the Phoniez

So the Friday night, we went to a drag party and of course, I had to go as my fabulous Angie! It was pretty fun, but it was crazy haha. too many details i leave out of this blog. but Valerie (my BFF in the bleach blond hair lol) did my make up that night, and i looked like a hot slut, some guy tried to make out with me, then throw up on me, nice and charming right? haha. My favorite part of the night was that like 4-5 random people I dont even know came up to me and said they had seen my youtube videos =] i felt famous! I felt like I was Dulcecandy87 lol jk! well im not gonna cap the pics but take a look at em, and enjoy i got my dress at Ross for like 12 bucks u can't really see it but its really cute, i always wear flowey dresses to hide my big girl curves lol. well thanks for checking my blog and watching my vids loves u all!! muah!!!

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