Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fair Times

So a few weeks ago there was a fair here in Oxnard and we took Lilah, it ws cute we went on some rides and ate tacos lol it was fun! i hadnt been to a small fair a long time, it was nice, and it wasnt all packed n shit! I got on the big ass slide and it was kinda scary cus I didnt think I was gonna stop and i was gonna hit the fence haha. I won Delilah a Pricess frame with the dinsey pricess' on it!

This is when we just got there.

Happy times on the Tea pot

Ricardo and Maribel

Waving HI to Mama and Papa

our "shocked" face haha idk why...

airing out our armpits lol

I love her little smile she does!

The Camarillos

again that little smile

Besitos for MAmA

Happy with Papa

My favorite carita

Helicopter Helicopter over my head

In a huge bear

Telling me OFF not to take a pic until she is fit and ready lol

dancing with PAPA

little dancing machine!

Getting her face painted 

Ricardo doing 3 strikes

he won her this bunny

her face paint

the shooting game

in the house with all the mirrors and fake walls lol

Blurry its ricardo and lilah and me way in the back lol

Blurry too Maribel and Lilah and Ricacks in the back

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