Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Sebastian

So a couple of weeks ago we had the baby shower for my sister, Maribel. It was very fun and very tiring, lol. but it was great! we played all these games, the one with the hanger and the clothes pins, the one with the measuring the belly. the funnest one is the one we played where we blind folded two people, and put oven mitts, and had them put a diper on a baby doll! well the  cupcakes where made by me and my sister (mostly me) and decorated, they came out great, the Jello was also made by me and it was 3 layers! I dont fell like putting a quopote on all the pics, but u can see em lol theres a few of my mom and her playing the games, and my sister posing, and opening gits (the one with the babies Mickey costume I got) and lilah even got her own gifts too, theres a pic of the piper cake! it was amazing! and then just random ones from throughout the day. hope u enjoy them! kbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee PS babies name is not sebastian, because accoding to mmy sister hes not a crab (Little Mermaid) but im still gonna call him that! lol

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