Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patching It

So Last week my and my parents took Delilah to the pumpkin patch, it was way fun Delilah got all happy and so many cool pics! She got a pumpkin, and I got 2 for my work, just two small ones, I put em up on my desk. It was fun, cant wait to go with Litte Devin when hes older! I love doing this put I got all tired lol now i get to make pumkin pie! lol enjoy the pics x0x0
My pumpkins at work
My dad carrying Lilah
posing with the punkins. so cute!!!

She tired to carry this, it was too heavy lol

We had to walk up this damn hill

so cute with a Tiny pumpkin

The views

me =]

I love this one!

shew as trying to see an airplane lol 


Lilah and Angel "Horsie on the Punkinsss"

She was throwing them and chasing em lol

She said one for her little brother
Randon pumpkins

Cute Babaloosita

Play house =]

Angel was making her pose too

Posing with her new Friend! 

Us <3

too Cute

All the cool different pumpkins

rides with Angel!

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