Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Candy's Baby Shower

So like 2 week ado was Candy's baby shower, and I was invited, I helped set up, even though I think i was still drunk from the night before lol I didnt take as many pics as i should of, cus it was cold as fuckkk haha but the food was bomb, and it was cute, and i took a lot with my babaloo. so enjoy and stfu hhehhehe <3

Measuring the baby bump hehe the TP game 

Candy made me pose with the Jarrito hehe

Of cousre a pose with the Babaloo

Pose time with the Mommy to be

Candys parents had some bomb ass beans! Lilah loved em!!

you got just a bit on your lip boboo 

She kept making me take her to Hazels old swing lol she was all big on it, she could even swing herself lol



Cake? ya ya ya? ya!

Me and DaNewstChicccccc hehe

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