Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Dads Bday!!!

So these are some old pics but, I liked em so im posting this blog, it was in October 2010, it was my dads bday, we had drinks, shots and good ass food, and fun ass people. i think theres a few from the next day, but def had a great time with Lilsky805 hehe

Ricaca and Lilah, look at Angel in the back with his pansa lol

Ricardo and my Mom lol

Lilsky805 and Selmie805

The Girls

ok the pose i make when we are gonna take a shot lol

and the shot!!! oh and the stain on my shit

wesiddeeeeee me and Pin

she got a hold of the camera! lol too cute babaloo

love this one

her famous pose

ready for her workout lol

Angel and Lilah Playing video games! cute

watching Angel play

hahahaha My dads cake, ok he always has this saying "y yo que me chinge" like he says it all the time about anything i guess it kinda means like "oh and me, fuck me" like if i get my check and spend it, and i like dont give him money he will say oh and me, i dont matter lol

the pinata lol

Lilly and her Niece 

Lillz and her daughter

the Cams

Me and My sister in law Sarah

love this one lol idk why i put that face


Lillys Stuffed jalapenoooss mmm i think they had bacon tooo

shots with the bday boy

Mom and Angel hehe

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