Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Run LA

So, this past weekend, on Saturday I went on a party bus!!!! It was for my friend Carmen, she is my ex-coworker, Irene's sister, I had never been on a party bus before! this was my1st time, and it was good! lots of fun people lots of alcohol, a great time! here are some pics! loves u x0x0


Me and the Bday girl! 

some of the Alcohol!

gettin my dance on in the bus

My bff for the night =]

i wanted her to be drunk with us lol

Me and Irene

dance dance

poking carmens butt hehheee

Carmen and Blanca

IDK who thiswas but Heeeey

um idk whats going on here lol
Me and White

The girlssss

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