Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bad Girls Club and Shoppin, again!

So, Last nite was the Season Premier of the new Bad girls club, if u follow me on twitter (@selmie805) you know I was watching, lol um so far it seems that its gonna be crazier than other seasons. i like all the girls, except Amber, she got on my nerves.... i kinda liked Natalie Nunn (@MissNatalieNunn) her pic by herself is under the bad girls club one, make sure to watch it was a good show, lol.she reminds me of me!!!kinda, except for like some of her attitude the whole i run la shit....the what are ur thoughts???
Natalie Nunn

So, I wanted a new button up shirt for tomorrow, is a friends Bday, and were going to go to dinner, I went to Ross, in Camarillo, and I found this shirt, it was very nice and i liked the purple, i already own a purple shirt but its different than this one, i like this one because it has long sleves, its just a tad too big, but it looks fine I loves it!!! the best part, it was $ 11.99 cant beat that!!! they had three different colors, Purple. White/Black, and red. i might go back and get the white and black one. we will se Manana =]

While i was looking around i spotted this Jaket, i loved it! its so cute lol, it was nice, and comfty so i lke it i had been looking for a jacket that had the buttons like that, and this one just came to me. its by Levi's and it was only $13.99 it was on clearance. there was one more but it had like a stain like someone stepped on it! but Im happy with this one! i came up lol. hers pics of it open and closed loves it

.....and last but not least i bought this cute ass sweater for Delilah at Target, I got her one yesterday, and had to go back and get to cute, target really has stepped it up with their clothes they have alot of cute stuff for kids, babies, and adults!

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x0x0 Selmie!!

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