Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New To Bloggin'

Hello Everyone, my name is Anselmo, aka Selmie, I wanted to start blogging for a hot minute now, but never got around to it... i see alot of people are doing it, so i said why not? lemme try it too! I really mostly am inspired my one of my very good longtime childhood friend Dulce Candy, aka DulceCandy87 lol as some of u may know her. Well i dont have anything specific to say just think im interesting and funny. I think i live an interesting enough life, just wanted to give you a sneak peak. =] so go ahead and check it out, i also have my youtube page so u can see me in action! people say im funny. i know i can be but sometimes im like not even trying...so ya. check me out and enjoy feel free to drop me a line!

Here is a few pics of me and my cute ass niece Delilah! chao luvs u!

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