Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Came Early!

Hi yall! lol well this year we had Christmas a tad early cus my brother in law is here from Afganistan, for 2 weeks, and well i just wanna show off what i got oops. dont hate! apreciate! jeez lol happy holidays too all!!! These gifts where from my sister Maribel (@darealmaribel) and her Husband Ricardo! thankssss !

This here is a book on cocktails lol cus everyone knows i love to get my drink on, come over ill make u something!!

I kinda picked this myself haha but its a good movie!!

OMG look at my giftcards! can u say SHOPPING on monday! me and Delilah!!! woohooooo!!!!!

These shoes are effin cute! Tommy Hilfiger, theyre simpleand cute! love them

These are sooo cute! now i gotta go get myself a cute yello shirt! i was looking at these at the store and they secretly bought them for me awww so sweet!!!

Delilah was laughin and tryna snatch away my camera so i snappeda shot she looks so cute making her ojitos!

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