Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun Times With Selmie: Ducks, Beach, and Lady Gaga!!

Hello all, well here we go again, a new blog just about what ive been doing these last two weeks, from feeding ducks, to beach trips, to seeing gaga!!!!! lol check out my pics and just be a part of my oh so wonderful life, remeber to follow me on twitter and check out my youtube! u know u loves it

1st of all just had to show you all that my brother-in-law Ricardo, met Miley!!!!!! jealous much??

This is just me takin pics of myself lol like i always do, why do i always cut off my head??? weird...
This is me on Sunday night, I went to this "paisa" bar, it was fun, i felt like i was at quince, lol i twitpic'd all nite, there was a buncha tranny performes n shit, it was dope!!!
This is me and my Primita Andrea, she was drunk already! lol i was wasnt lol, so ya i made her drink a Tokio tea lol, and the next day her stomach hurt lmao. aww poor baby! oh and have u guys drank the drink "Joose" lol we asked her if she wanted "joose" she never heard of it, so shes all no, i had some JUICE earlier lol, it was the nights LOL moments (follow her on twitter, even tho she sucks at twittering oops

All These Pics here are from the Gaga concert, I def didnt have good ass seats, but i still enjoyed the show it was awesome possum! I loved when she sang Speechless, its such a good song, i just loved it!

These 2 here is when she was done, and she took a bow with all her dancers!
These 2 are from the last song, she did Bad Romance, and she came out in the thing she was inside of it, and it as like rotating or something lol leave it to Gaga!

I have no idea wat song this was lol it looked pretty though!!!! i think it was paparazzi, maybe, or disco stick...oh well! lol

I HAD to do it, it was a gay dancing his life away lol im bad, i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
again idk wat song it is, but i liked how it looked red n shit!

um I think this was dance in the dark!

This was awesome it looked really cool, how they came out of the cloud thing lol

So, everytime I go to the beach, in Hueneme, i park at the park lol, cus its free, theres always ducks in the pond next to the park, ive always wanted to feed them! but never have! so i finally did, and I took Delilah with me!!!!

She was more interested in the ducks than to take a pic with me lol, look at Andrea in the back! oh hell no

See im feeding them my moms bead oops, lol stupid seagulls kepts eating it though ugh

She was mad cus i didnt wanna take her out of the stroller! But i did =]

she fed the ducks too!!!! =] were a team! lol

Thanks for checking out the blog! until next time Lovas!

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