Friday, December 11, 2009

Dave & Buster's

So, last nite we went out for a little fun! it was Me, my sister Maribel (@darealmaribel), her husband Ricardo, my brother's Angel and Felipe, and Felipes GF Sarah. we met up with one of my BFF's Candy (@dulcecady87, also on youtube) and her BF Jesse. We went out to Dave & Buster's in Arcadia, it was soooo fun, we ate and had some drinks, we got there a bit late, so we only got to play for 45 minutes, but it was still so much fun! we played games like we where little kids lol, i was playing the coin tossing one, got alot of tickets, candy was playing the virtual jump rope lol she looked soo cute, cute shes soo small (check out her blog for more pics) and everyone else seemed to be playing basketball. lol it was a funn night hope we can all do it again sometime!!! here are some pics!
This is my little brother and his GF

This is my and my brother IDK what I was laughing at, i look so ridiculous!! lol and my brothers all trya get away lol.

um idk we where just making stupid faces.... mines not as stupid as his lol

Oh and theres my mojito! theyres sooo good! and seem so sohpisticated!!
This was my food, it was Philly Cheese steak tools, too good man!! lol and this here was my awesome drink !! it was called Candy tasted like a JollyRancher (the drink and candy)
This is me showing candy a still pic i took of her, from one of her videos lol

Here my sister Maribel and Her hubby Ricardo...

heres me and the famous DulceCandy87 lol i loves her to death, we crack eachother up!

This is all the tickets I won woo hoooo! Jealous!!

This is everyone playing basketball! i woulda lost, so i just stuck with the coin toss lol

This is just a super cute pic of Delilah following me shes so cute!

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