Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shopping Trip SALE!!!!

So i haven't really shopped in a hot minute..lol, i went to Have lunch with my sister and Delilah, in Newbury Park, since I was in the area, I decided to go to the oaks mall and check it out. I kinda just walk around but i did get some stuff real real cheap like almost like free! here are some pics!

These two are V-Neck, one is likea brownish greyish, idk lol, and the other is green and black stripes, idk why but ive been like into V's for the pas couple of months... idk why but they look kinda cute... the green one looks brighter than it really is in the pic...eh... ne way PacSun has a salw, 50% off the lowest ticketed price, so i paid like $4.99 for each shirt....

This shirt i also got at PacSun as well, its a DC shirt i mostly got it cus I liked the design going down the middle, u can wear it like that, or u can wear it with a open button up. IDk I thought it was cute. itwas only like $5.99 loves it lol.

These last two items i got at Hot Topic, they where $10.00 each, they werent on sale, but i like em, they're a bit more modern and can make a plain button up look kinda dressy or can make an outfit some what "retroish" lol idk im not a fashionista thanks, um ya i had the black one but i lost it in vegas =[ . I also have one in red, looks cute. here u go.

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